Why is Style Me Pretty Closing Down?


Style Me Confused

Style Me Pretty closing down is the face crack of the century (for the wedding industry). The announcement occurred earlier today when Style Me Pretty officially shared that it was going to be shutting down. The shutdown will be effective April 30th and they will no longer be posting any other content. Vendors are being urged to pull any images or content they have on the popular wedding inspiration blog before the cutoff date.

At 1:01 PM, the wedding blog emailed the following message to its subscribers and also included it at the header of their website:

Even the most perfect of weddings must eventually come to a close. The same is true for us here at Style Me Pretty. After an incredible twelve years of sharing your beautiful weddings, we will close Style Me Pretty on April 30th.While we won’t be posting any new stories after today, you’ll be able to view and save anything on the site up until the end of the month.We’re so proud to have played even a small role in sending so many brides and grooms off into their happily-ever-after. Thank you for sharing such special moments with us.”


Style Me Pretty has been the standard for wedding inspiration amongst vendors and brides and grooms-to-be. With so much content that has been curated over the years from all the features, all the SEO that has been built for all the wedding vendors that have been highlighted will all be gone just like that.

It has the wedding world in a frenzy asking, “Why is Style Me Pretty closing down?” And right now, nobody knows the answer. Style Me Pretty was created by Abby Larson and is owned by Oath (a Verizon company).

With the largest following in the wedding industry for a blog on Instagram (1 million), there are so many people wondering what is going on. For them to be abruptly closing down, something dramatic or drastic had to happen. If they were just tired of running it, it could have easily been bought by wedding industry giants like The Knot, WeddingWire, or another big wedding blog for a pretty penny. 

One theory I have is that they might be being sued for copyright issues with images or content. Another could be financial – in that they are could not support the staff to run it anymore (but you’d think with the following this would be easy to fix).

The sudden news of Style Me Pretty closing down came as a shock to many, especially people like myself who had a scheduled workshop that was going to include a guest speaker from Style Me Pretty.

Regardless, this is going to leave a HUGE hole for who will take their place. They have been the standard in wedding inspiration for so long. Will it be Martha Stewart Weddings? They’re the closest in look in terms of the “style” they look for (the bright and airy feel).

This also made me think about how crazy it is that some businesses that seem to be doing so well can all of a sudden come to an end. And they were a big name. What does that mean for a lot of us little guys out there?!

Another thing this made me consider is: does this question the reliability of internet businesses and relying on blogs that could just wipe out everything in an instant?  Could this be a paradigm shift to go back to print for the reliability of a physical product and not have something just disappear?


I’ll be sure to update if I come up with any other theories or hear some hard facts!